Bend’s First Professional Freelance Hair and Makeup Training Program

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You’ve just finished beauty school, your licensed, and now you’re ready to start your career. However, the beauty industry can be very daunting. Advanced Beauty Academy can help you build your confidence and skills and get you ready to be the professional artist you want to be. Also, if you’re a working artist that wants to refine their skills, ABA will help you level up!

(All classes on Tue/Wed)

Upcoming Makeup Courses

  • Jul 2nd - Aug 14th (No class Jul 30/31)
  • Oct 8th - Nov 20th (No class Oct 15/16)
  • Jan 14th - Feb 19th, 2025

Upcoming Hair Courses

  • Sep 10th - Sep 25th
  • Dec 3rd - Dec 18th
  • Feb 25th - Mar 12th, 2025

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Here’s What You’ll Learn

Makeup Course

  • Kit - Set up and break down
  • Prep, matching skin tones, contouring, and highlighting
  • Makeup looks: Natural, camera-ready, bridal, boho, classic, modern, vintage, high fashion, male grooming, senior
  • 1 day dedicated to lashes, brows, lips
  • Dos & Don'ts / Etiquette / Professionalism
  • Navigate shoots and productions
  • Tricks of the trade
  • Photoshoot last day! Start your portfolio (will receive digital photos from Miranda Kelton Photography!)
  • Possible job placement with Makeup Mafia Weddings

Slam Course
(Hair or Makeup only)
(Hair and Makeup)

  • Advanced artists can pick either course or both
  • It's customized for each artist's needs
  • 8 hours of personalized traning from Christine herself!
  • Pick as many days that you want
  • These courses are by appointment only (Monday through Friday)

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Meet Your Makeup Maestra: Christine Colucci

Hello future amazing artist! I'm Christine Colucci and my journey started with cosmetology school at the tender age of 15 in Long Beach, California. After receiving my cosmetology license, I went to Joe Blasco Institute.

For 30+ years, I've lived my passion by creating beautiful looks for my clients all over the world. When I first started out, I wasted a lot of time and money trying to figure out things like the right products to put in my kit, how to invoice clients, etc.

I currently run a successful bridal hair & makeup business (Makeup Mafia Weddings) and have been a freelance hair and makeup artist for decades. Now I'm ready to pay it forward by passing my knowledge and skills on to the next generation of artists. Let me guide the way!!!


Decades of Expertise


Hollywood/International Experience


Passionate Artist & Educator

The More You Know, The More Money You Make... Here's the Path

Step 1: Pick Your Program

Full Hair & Makeup Program
Makeup Course
Hair Course
Slam Course (for Advanced Artists)

Step 2: Intake Meeting

1-2 weeks before course: Students will meet with Christine for 1 hour.
We'll go through your hair bag and/or makeup kit
Any missing supplies & equipment will be addressed
All students will receive 20% off any "Joy" cosmetics

Step 3: Launch Your Professional Freelance Career

Now you're ready to start your new career as a hair and makeup artist!

Ready to begin your journey?

Don’t wait any longer to pursue your dream. Sign up for our next class, join the waitlist, or place your deposit now. It’s time to turn your passion for beauty into a thriving career.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Hair and Makeup Artist Program Pricing


Hair and Makeup Program

$ 3850
This is our classic master program that trains you in both specialties.

Makeup Course (Only)

$ 2800

Hair Course (Only)

$ 1100
Ideal for those that know they want to specialize

Still have questions?

Slam Course

$ 1700
(for 1 day; 8 hours)
Customized 1-on-1 training with Christine Colucci herself - only for advanced artists!

Still have questions?

We understand that embarking on your educational journey is an important decision, and you might have specific questions or need more information. We're here to help you every step of the way.

Personalized Assistance: Christine is ready to answer any queries you have about the program, payment options, or anything else.


Get In Touch: Fill out the contact form, and we'll get back to you with the answers you need to make an informed decision.